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Originally set up in 1999, we are delighted to announce that  is now back under new management.

Over the coming months, we will bring you the latest and most unique items you can legally buy in the UK. We are a dynamic team passionate about our products and customers. We have 1000s of new arrivals, which we will be adding to the site as fast as we can. We have provided props for numerous Film & Tv productions. ( Further details to be added to Site).  

All our Samurai Swords / Katanas will be hand made and forged unless stated otherwise. We will give the best possible prices and will match or beat any online retailer (conditions apply).  Based in the UK , all our stock is shipped from our depot here in  London / Devon. So there is minimal time in delivery. 

As an environmentally friendly company and we always reuse packaging wherever possible. 

Everything you order will be in Stock and shipped out to you with first class customer service.


Order management

"My name is Rachael. I keep track of all orders and make sure they are processed properly. I love being part of the team @ WG. COM. Out of work I love to socialize and travel the world. My next trip is going to India."....... "Unlike tires, life has no spare."



"My name is Keyser. I work closely with Noah always on the look out for exciting items, to bring to the UK market. Outside work I am an amateur actor and love all the arts and writing and playing chess. Contact me direct for anything! Love and Harmony to the World. "



"Hi everyone. My name is Justin but everyone calls me Noah. I love to source new products and travel the world doing so. Out of work. I love football and pubs. If there is anything you would like to see on the site just contact me. Peace Out."


Marketing & Social Media

"Hi I'm Esther and I handle all the marketing and social media for Outside work I love to go hiking and camping and just the general outdoors. Time well spent leads to life well lived. x"


warehouse Manager

"My name is Bill I am they guy who checks every order before it is shipped. I am always in the warehouse, In the picture I am holding a CIVIVI Backlash, this is my personal pocketknife. I just had to have this knife as soon as I saw it. Outside work I love to go camping and fishing. Oh, I forgot to mention I just can’t get enough of fast cars." "Enjoy what nature has to offer folks. Peace and Love!"



"Hi my name is Awais and I am web technology specialist and technical consultant of I enjoy being part of this fun team. I am always open to suggestions and appreciate any feedback you can give me. Outside work I love research and spending time with my family. If you have any issues with website please email me. Stay safe everyone."

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