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Latest NEWS 29/09/2022 Delivery Disprution!

Our Services will be affected on the following dates due to Royal Mail Strikes.

  • Friday 30 September 2022  and Saturday 1 October 2022
  • Thursday 13 October 2022
  • Thursday 20 October 2022
  • Tuesday 25 October 2022
  • Monday 28 November 2022


Further Updates to Royal Mail

Due to the strikes. Some  24hrs deliveries have got delayed due to backlog.

Please keep this in mind, when requesting 24hrs delivery. As we cannot guarantee you will get your item in time. Hopefully in the next few days services should be back to normal.

If you need any further information just get us on



Increased Costs and Age Verification Delivery

Changes in the law of how a bladed item is delivered has increased our costs. As we offer free 48hr Shipping as standard, some items across our site will see small increases in price this is to accommodate the extra costs involved

In keeping with the law. We will however keep costs to a minimum.

We have also seen a rise in fake Id’s been provided. Any attempt to cheat the system. We blacklist the address and every data we hold ( WhatsApp) , and that includes email address. As a responsible retailer for bladed items, we see this as a criminal act.

Weapons Galore

The Official YouTube account for . We finally got round to this, and will get some exciting vids for your pleasure soon.

YouTube Streaming

Stunning CIVIVI Appalachian Drifter Rose Carbon Fiber Handle Black Hand Rubbed Damascus blade

Gentleman's Knife CIVIVI Conspirator with classic Cuibourtia Wood handle . Nitro V steel button lock
WeKnife version of the world famous Civivi Elementum Flipper knife . Titanium Handle CPM-20CV steel
DEFCON Knives The best Karambit Blade Raptor S35VN Satin Hawkbill Blade Titanium Handle.S35vn steel

Civivi & WeKnife

We have a large delivery on way, should be in stock by the weekend. So, keep an eye on the model which is out of stock.

YouTube Streaming

Stunning Ryujin Hand Forged Raikuo Katana Traditional Japanese Samurai sword T10 Caron steel blade
Awesome New CIVIVI Conspirator Pocket Knife with Button Lock and Flipper Opener Green Micarta Handle
Tactical Tac-Force Folding Karambit Knife has Knuckle guard & Multitool features INSANE Panther Logo
World Famous Civivi Elementum Pocket Knife, best EDC knife ever? D2 Steel Wood scales black blade
Tactical Tac-Force Folding Karambit Knife has Knuckle guard & Multitool features INSANE
TAC-FORCE Huge Classic Big Boy Stiletto Pocket Knife 12.5″ Overall – TF-547WD Mtech


Just to clarify for customers We have parted ways with Trustpilot. We were approached by Trustpilot to take up their Premium Service. Which basically means they charge us a large amount of money every month and give us the option of choosing reviews we want to host. The reason we wanted the premium service was that the product reviews are locked, and it gives us a chance to implement the reviews onto our site. This would have helped potential customers . Anyway, after the zoom meetings and all payments had been set up, we got an email from Trustpilot asking us questions regarding our products. A company like Trustpilot which hosts every site on the planet with millions of fake reviews playing the righteous card on us.

We explained them the difference between a flipper opening and Automatic knife. Cut a long story short they told us they would think about it and get back to us. We gave them a weekend, and we made the decision they can take their business elsewhere . So that was the end of that. We don’t think really cared as they are huge. But it looks like they did as they took us of their free platform and marked us as a BAD FIT, which means we are unethical. This is after we were approached by them ! Search their site, and you see every site you can imagine still being able to use their free platform. Which says it all!

We will not be dedicated to by a company like Trustpilot! Everyone can review us Good or Bad on google.

So we will be giving trust Pilot a 1 star as we can’t give them a Zero!

Ten Ryu Hand Forged Samurai Sword. Traditionally made Japanese Katana Bushido folded steel.
Civivi Elementum Flipper Knife Damascus blade shredded carbon handle #EDC Best pocket knife ever?
QSP Knives Penguin D2 Steel Blk Micarta handle the best knife in the world for the Money?
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